Monday, 29 December 2008

anotherday, another broken bit, another lost memories of the taste of your lips.

Love isnt ment for me or you its for friends of friends who you hear tails of.
There sadly is never a happy endin, the end is the end and no fat lady will sing.
Noone will sing when you die.
Love is a broken window lettin in the cold, lettin in the rain.
Love is the lastest drama in a soap and you will never get that feelin.
love is for millys with three kids. love is a lie.
im a lier.
love is a broken radator.
love is for sunny days but sadly your world is black and most often gray.
love is a fuckin lie.
im a lier.
love is for bullys and there big dogs.
love is not a prize in a quiw show.
love is for people who are overweight.
love is for girls who wear fake tan when there headin out.
love is a lie.
im a lier.
love is for complosive liers to spin there yarns.
love is a lie, im a lier.

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