Wednesday, 3 December 2008

riot on a empty street while your heart doesnt miss a beat.

Bored and anger strikes,
This last cup of tea has set me over the edge tonight.
What ever happend were did the good times go?
Were ever what ever if you could just let me know.
Random lovers lips fill voids but leave empty mind.
And empty mind give the mind to much time to think about,
Whats going on were ever did the good times go?
Im Itchy and beggin, but then again I souldnt lower myself.
So Im tryin to stand up...
I passed your work on the bus
But things dont change,
Time moves to quick and seconds taken minutes which turn to hours.
I am blockin out the outside world for a moment tryin to restore.
But the goodness has gone, heart cold, im to old.
I seen things and rember times, but now time has taken it all away.
To young to give up, but its hard to know were to start.
Im usen you to cut myself tonight.
The blade offers release and cuts soo deep like remarks,
Like the dark.
Yer all heart yer all right, but were are you tonight?
I've had years to waste, I've had to much time to wait.
Im ready but you dont know me.
And i would tell you everything, im a open book.
But i wish i had that last kiss, wish i had that special place.
But now winter nights bring the cold,
And i know i have to start again but its to much for the old.
And im to young to take the wait,
To young to take the strain, to young to lift this weight alone.
The cold breaks me slow im lost and its yours now,
My every waken thought.
Callin out in the dark night,
Fingers burn from the cold the tounge sore from the bite.
Would you lay in my arms while i play the sadest songs i could find
Just to let you know whats on my mind.
The tissues takes a beatin,
Hi how are you im still waitin,
Five minutes more,
Im less, i feel the need to confess,
I need more then you can give
And i give more then you can receive.
This isnt the best situation but trust me give it time
Tho its already gone and i find im just talkin to myself again

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