Monday, 15 December 2008

Play it just one more time, go on mate.

So im fallin, i said it before and here im sayin it again. i have lost my confidence, i am no longer in your face. im no longer not given a fuck who i piss off. but aty the same time i dont. i dont know, im just really confused. words fall from me, im waitin a lifetime for soemthing thats over a long time ago. for your memorie has sufferd enought, let the rain saok through me, when you use me, hunt no more im lost. to say the lest the doctor cant fix me. and thisi s more then to play i need you more with everyday. or maybe i just always have needed and you as big as your heart might be cant give it.

lol or was it all just a dream. a fuckin dream.

but then again my sleepin isnt the best i dont get down for long, so how could i dream?

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