Thursday, 11 December 2008

Thrusdays Blues.

Well its thrusday. im excited about going to carick tomorrow as i think gettin out of the city will be good, to a place were the stars shine and there isnt a nose to be heard. no cars, no shoutin, nothing. also jades mum will be there and i cant wait to see her again as she is a lovely lady who i think enjoys my charm and way. older ladys seem to love my banter and humour. which is good. i think im a older man in a young mans body, or just in the wrong time. but today seems to be one of those inbetween days were you just dont know what way it will go, im hopein it will be alright.

Well christmas is so near and work is still quiet which is great as i still get paid, but i dont have the melt which i had last year which broke my heart. cunt face is playin up going on about stuff which is of fuck all use. but i play dumb, im good at it, i like to let a little bit of dribble fall from my mouth as i nob in a robot manner as she goes on, and just go "yea, yea.... mmm yea" . the only thing is my ski nis really dry, its meltin my head abit as its crackin and is also pretty sore. but i sould be able to get through it.

I supose lookin through this maybe thrusdays aint so bad. maybe today aint so bad atall. also a lady from work i think is pretty added me on facebook which is good. maybe i can use it as a means to get closer, tho she seems distant at the moment(funny so do i, or thats how i feel, so distant, wondern were did the years(and friends)go), and i worry it would be over the top(as always)of me to ask have i over steped the mark, have i acted in a manner which has made her feel our friendship wasnt a friendship, we were mearly people untied by the work place. i would like to be more then work, i would like to share secrets, tho that again could be over the top. god its a mine field, its crazy. but then again would i have it any other way?

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