Wednesday, 3 December 2008

bourboncreams & bad dreams, im missin my shadow im missin my self its now a question of mental health

what is love but a stranger to help fight the demons
what is trust but a hopefull heart
what was she but a glorfryed one nite stand with plans.
broken expections and stealin blue skys to be true.
gray water i sould know better but im really not old in heart to be true.
watchin waves break the surface what use i am if im honest.
douts put away but when broke back out are even more.
im not playin these arnt toy guns im shotin for the heart i need to be true.
im breaken rules in need to mend a broken heart, were are you tonight?
tryin to fix wrongs but i cant get right
and i just need to feel the skin of another while i sleep tonight.
we dont need to beat the drum just hold me tight,
let me feel your heartbeat pretend i got it right for a moment.
its the wrong time for this, its was the right fix. and now i need it more then i can face.
put away the broken dream,
these things get out of hand and i will be damed
but im but a man i cant help get it wrong at times.
so put away the guns lets not fight.
lets pretend tonight.
put the feelins on hold.
i scared for what i dont know.
a man size pack of tissuse wont help.
i need to see your soul. back you over and see your all.
this isnt right, i cant stop how i feel tho it might lead to more wrong.
we dont need to beat the drum, i just need to fall asleep next to someone.
and im thinkin of how i could put the world to right but i cant even help myself.
i cant even get it right, even if you'd give a fuck tonight.
old ghost wont rest they eye me in my dark skin of night.
the dark skin of shame burnin old flames just for what i need tonight.
im pointin the gun at someone i souldnt but your not here to see it.your not here to feel it,
and for all i could wish its not going to happenin.
i said to much now i cant kiss your good self no more.
i said to little now your gone and its dark,
but the cold is good and wat do you want me to do?
i mean serouly do you even think of me.
im strung out lookin the water dephs. the bottem offers clues.
the sinkin feelin offers help.
the water offers a excape. the water cools.
but im a sucker for a sob story and im sucker for love too.
but tonight nothing will do and i know there is no point waken in anothers bed
cause its still you i will be thinkin of when it gets uncomfortable after releasen the hounds,
when we get no holds barred.

but then i came round on the stairs and we huged and hopfully everything will be ok after all...

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