Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Glue bags at dawn. im not holdin on..

Its crazy how a memories can be so real, that if you close your eyes tight enought you can touch it, i can still feel her soft skin but sadly i have long forgot the feel of her lips. tho they do infact still keep me awake. but she is glady no longer my heartbreak and sleepless nights, tho she does infact still feel safe..

But i still can rember that cold night. the one were it was snowin. i wanted to go to the untouched snow in the park she didnt she wanted to keep to the root more traveled. im sure there is a lession right there somewere. but we went hafe my way and the rest her way. when we got to hers we watched a shit movie, it had jonny dep in it, i thought it would be like staircase of echos, but it wasnt. the rest of the night i cant rember. tho i dont think we fought.

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