Saturday, 13 December 2008

When are Fridays all there cracked up to be?

So friday didnt go to plan, jade was in a bad mood, this give it a slow start. the base of the pizza was to hard, but i couldnt stop eattin it, i wasnt going to let it go to waste. i didnt want to get take away when i had this infront of me, no.. but so after the pizza i was runnin my tounge along my teeth to find i had broke abit of my tooth due to the pizza base bein to hard!! fuck sake! then after that we drank vod, it didnt go down well and i started to watch tv with one eye as i was to tired to open the other one. we went to bed and there was no hugs. this makes me sad as i was hopen to get the hugs quota up for over christmas. but this didnt happenin. today was bad as i felt so tired it took me ages to get up. tho breakfast was made by jades mum the lovely heav, heav was even more lovely then i rember. she was very funny and nice. tho sadly jade was stressed with work which ment she maoned at me about my itchin and not creamin my skin. but sure cant win them all. i got a good hug in before i left. it was a class imbrace and i didnt want to let go, but she did.

So im worried bout the tooth as i dont want to lose it, i think it could fuck up this perfect smile which is what gets me by. so as i settle with a cup of tea and bourbin creams i think what of tonight? out or in? were to begain! would be great to have some company.

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