Monday, 15 December 2008

What do you say?

Well today is another day. sadly. it just isnt the same anymore. lest in the old days when you were melted beyond believe you had friends to help take your mind off it, now im alone. i have nothing but memories to burn me. the whole no friends thing is scarey, how i could go from haven so many friends to noone. noone to ease the pain, noone to dry the tears, noone to hold you and tell you its going to be ok. tho tbh i have always felt lonely. now i know i am. i worry also as i need a women in my life, and if i was to meet someone how do you tell them that you have no friends, barr weekend friends who you dont really see barr when you are out of it. whne the whites of the eyes are on display, people who you couldnt tell there fav colour from there fav song, to there hobbie. i mean wtf is a hobbie now? i could do with a hobbie. i could do with alot, tbh i need to sort my head out. today i've hit abit of a low. i know im not the man i wish i was. i know im not anything, its shit as i put so much work into bein that person who i was. only for it to fall around me, i guess its the rock N roll story, same story diffrent book. tho sadly this story was over in a matter of a few years and i dont have a number one album to look back on. i only have myth and legend of me, the person. tho i dont know if i was that person. i think i was. i was often seen to take it to far, which maybe is why im here now. fuck i just wish i could sort it out.

Who are you then tonight? i dont know, a empty shell of empathy, wishin on a lost life of which i can only save myself. tho i dont think im strong enought as it seems i lose everything i love and im left with the heartbreak, were do i start?

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