Saturday, 13 December 2008

How do you know if its realy a cry for help? how do you know if its really a need for peace?

Sometimes I go temporarily insane
After a drink
Thinkin how come you went from my sunny days to this!
Were did the good times go?
If you see them let me know.
Tho from a distance i could believe,
Tho deep inside its the same,
And I know the feelings to well.
So lay out the lillys cause she isnt mine.
And for a moment there i couldnt be sure
But i felt like i could maybe move on.
Sing a new song, one that didnt remind me of her.
Think of something other then of what we used to do.
Or when did the good times pass too.
I need her so much tho I cant tell anyone else.
Her eyes turn from green to blue,
Tell me what to do?
Cause tonight there isnt any release,
I'm askin old ghost just let me sleep.
But demons shake the bed,
No rest for me,
Na im lost in a lifetime of lies instead.

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