Monday, 15 December 2008

Who the fuck are you tonight?

Well im countin down the hours til l ihave to sleep, feelin weak as work is so near, lost in a dream world wishin i was somewere else with someone else, were she is is anyones guess. but im not guess in countin my blessins, for some they would seem alot to me i dont think i have got. i want more, but what are wants when there are so many needs and tonight my dear your my need, my greed, my sceret place. were the fuck are you? who the fuck are you?

So what it is is what it will always be is anyone guess, im glad to have started this blog to get this off my chest as this sort of thing kept in would surly destroy the kindest of hearts. but no dout my heart is dark and im sick and tired of not knowin what tomorrow will bring i need to feel your hugs lets stop dancen, lets stop this foreplay, lets be real for a moment tell me how do you feel? I feel today is liek any other day a count down til the end. Im again countin down the hours till i sleep till i fight the beast hopein he will let me wake(or not as the case may be)im holdin on as hard as i can but i feel i've let so many down i cant begain to forgive myself, a cup of tea wont warm this cold , help this breaken heart. but a cup of tea is really all i've got.

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